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Scrap copper has earned the reputation of being one of the most valuable metals to sell. This is because quality copper can hold up to 95% of its original value, much higher than other metals. Copper can be endlessly recycled without losing any of its original qualities, for example, conductivity, and therefore is always in high demand.

Kas Metal Trading are a team of dedicated scrap metal professionals. With a passion for copper metal recycling, we make selling scrap copper simple. As your local scrap copper buyers, our team is ready to welcome you onto our metal recycling yard, where we are proud to utilise the best, most up-to-date metal analysis systems. This allows us to provide the highest quality metals on the market, ready to be processed.

Scrap Copper Prices

The price of scrap copper can be impacted by a variety of factors, for example, supply and demand or the current UK economy. Naturally, when demand is high, the price per kg will also increase. In addition, other geopolitical factors can also heavily influence the price of copper scrap. When you are looking to sell your scrap copper, it is important to find a metal merchant who is well-versed in the metal trading industry and fully understands the fluctuations of price.

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In doing so, you can be sure that your chosen merchant is offering up-to-date prices for scrap metals and therefore you are getting the best possible deal.

Here are Kas, we base all our scrap metal prices on the London Metal Exchange. The London Metal Exchange is the world trade centre for the metal trading industry and most transactions will occur through them. The trading forum created a standardised market to ensure fair and reliable trading. By basing our prices on the LME, we can offer impartial, reliable and competitive prices for copper.

Scrap Copper Recycling

The benefits of recycling copper are well known, but did you know that recycling copper requires over 85% less energy when compared to manufacturing copper from scratch? In addition, it produced approximately 65% less CO2 emissions. It is for these reasons that recycling copper is so popular, with over ¼ of the copper minded still in circulation to this day.

Before copper is recycled, it must first be sorted. Higher-grade copper can be sent on almost immediately to the end-user as it will require less processing. Lower-grade copper, although still valuable, may require additional treatments to remove any impurities. Here at Kas, our experts are able to efficiently sort all scrap copper sold to us based on the copper content, sorting the metals which are best suited for recycling, and use this information to accurately price the metal.

We can guarantee…

✔️ A seamless service

✔️ Competitive and fair prices

✔️ Trusted metal analysis processes

✔️ A team of dedicated professionals

✔️ Quick payments with a range of payment options

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Sell Scrap Copper With Ease

With over 30 years of experience, the process of selling and buying scrap copper with us is a breeze! Over the years we have refined our processes with our customers in mind – including tradespeople like plumbers who commonly come across copper. This means we can quickly and accurately grade scrap copper, buying only the best quality metals available. With only the highest-quality copper, our buyers will have peace of mind that any metals purchased from us will be of premium grade. From here, our end-users are able to process it and begin the recycling procedure.

If you have copper to sell or would like to buy quality scrap copper, get in touch today. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have.

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