Making Lead Recycling Easy!

Lead is extremely recyclable, making it one of the most recycled metals globally. Recycled lead makes up for the majority of lead production in modern society, even more so than mining newly sourced. The metal is renowned for many properties but in particular malleability and therefore can be used in a wide range of applications. It also loses no quality when recycled, meaning companies can buy scrap lead at the same quality as mining new lead. With no loss of quality and many applications, the demand for second-hand lead has rocketed in the UK in recent years.

Here at Kas Metal, we are a team of dedicated recycling professionals with over 30 years of experience in recycling a wide range of scrap lead metals. We source and sell the best quality scrap lead from across the UK, ready for processing. Visit us on-site to begin weighing your scrap metal today.

Lead Acid Battery Recycling

Did you know that, in Europe, a huge 99% of lead acid batteries are recycled? Although highly-recycled, you must dispose of your lead batteries in accordance with strict UK laws. This is because the battery acid and the lead materials can be toxic to both the environment and humans. It is for this reason that lead acid batteries must be recycled at a professional recycling centre to avoid any hazardous waste seeping into the environment causing health issues.

Lead car battery

Before recycling, lead batteries must be pulverised at a hammer mill to remove toxic chemicals from them, such as lead paste, before they can be reused in other products. 

Lead acid batteries can be split into 3 main categories. These are flooded, gelled, and Advanced AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) with the most common types of battery falling under flooded (such as automotive).

Lead Scrap Price

The price of lead per kg can change daily and is impacted by a number of economic and environmental factors. Of course, the higher the demand for scrap lead, the price for scrap lead will also increase. When looking to buy or sell lead scrap, you must source a merchant which knows the industry and the scrap metal market well in order to guarantee you are getting the best possible price.

At Kas we base all or prices on the London Metal Exchange, a third party governing body for the market. By basing our prices off the global LME, we keep up to date with ever-changing prices and can reflect this when selling or buying lead scrap ourselves.

We can guarantee…

✔️ A seamless service

✔️ Competitive and fair prices

✔️ Trusted metal analysis processes

✔️ A team of dedicated professionals

✔️ Quick payments with a range of payment options

Forklift truck holding copper tubes and pipes

Sell scrap lead with ease

With over 30 years in the industry we have honed our weigh in and metal analysis systems to make them as smooth as possible. This means no more long wait times and prompt payment with a number of payment options to choose from. If you have lead to sell, get in touch with our experts below.

Our lead recycling centre is based in Atherton, meaning we are able to help the public and businesses recycle lead across Lancashire. We cover the following areas (this list is not exhaustive, if you live elsewhere please get in touch to see how we can help): Wigan, Bolton, Chorley, Manchester, Salford, Preston, Leigh, Tyldesley and Westhoughton.

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