about us – scrap metal merchants

We’re a leading UK-based recycler, highly experienced in exporting non-ferrous metals globally. We excel at providing a high quality stream of material, delivered on time.

At Kas, quality is our core focus. We source our scrap metal from across the UK and stream it through our central processing hubs. We apply a rigorous inspection process to ensure a quality end product.

We value repeat business, whilst continually developing new relationships through our service promise and flexible terms.

How Do We Do It?

We regularly review our processes and make changes to enhance our service offering.

We have an exemplary Health and Safety record and pride ourselves on our safe, clean and professional working environment.

We are accredited to all relevant national and international standards.


Helping to protect the Environment

Metal recycling not only helps to protect the environment but also saves energy. As a company we care about the environment and seek to achieve sustainable development in all our activities, as well as contributing at an international level.