scrap metal products

Our customers’ needs vary – at Kas Metal we can accommodate variations in quality specification, material size or presentation.

We apply rigorous inspection processes to comply with internationally recognised quality standards.

High quality materials

We build confidence with our customers and suppliers through our dedicated trader relationships and flexible terms, tailored to suit your needs.

Examples of materials we trade:

Buy and sell scrap metal with confidence

Our material is sourced throughout the UK. We process and ship globally from our recycling facilities. We provide an audit trail on all our materials, offer prompt payment and guarantee competitive prices based on the London Metals Exchange.

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Buying from us

  • Dedicated team of traders
  • Flexible trading terms
  • Audit trail on all materials
  • Global shipment
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Selling to us

  • Dedicated trading team
  • Competitive prices against London Metal Exchange
  • Fast and efficient turnaround
  • UK-wide collection
  • Metals analysis service
  • Flexible payments