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Scrapping lead in Wigan, Atherton, Leigh, Bolton and Tyldesley

All about Lead

Lead is a soft, silvery white or grayish metal that is very malleable and dense.

If you scraped a piece of lead with a sharp object, a bright silver score mark will be the result, due to how soft the metal is.

A fun fact about lead. The chemical symbol for lead is Pb. This comes from the Latin word plumbum, meaning “waterworks,” because lead was used in water supply pipes for centuries.

Where to find lead

Before it became out of favour due the extent of its toxicity, lead was widely used as part of the construction of old buildings.  Often, water pipes, roof flashings and plumbing materials in older buildings and homes may be lead.  If you are replacing lead-based items in a building or home, you can weigh-in old lead with us – and receive same-day payment if weighed-in before 4pm.

Being a very heavy metal, you don’t need a massive amount to make up a few kilograms.

Identifying metals

We don’t expect our customers to be metal experts. There may be some  metals that you have that you can’t identify. Here at Kas Metal, we have the technology to quickly and accurately grade lead and other metals for you to ensure quality of service. We have put a great guide together that may be useful in helping you to identify what metal you have, take a read here

Kas Metal buy all types of lead, including lead flashing and pipes.

The price of lead changes daily. We base all our prices on the London Metal Exchange, guaranteeing our suppliers the best value. 

To get the latest lead price, please call 01942 88 33 22.

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