How to Choose a Reliable Scrapyard

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Choosing a trustworthy scrapyard can be difficult. But, here at Kas Metal Trading, we make the choice easy for you. Read on to discover the best ways to choose a reliable scrapyard.

1. Research the Reputation of the Scrapyard

When choosing a scrap yard, trust is one of the most important factors. Looking into a business’ reputation before trading with them could save you from having an unpleasant experience. Reviews, testimonials and online ratings are a good place to start.

Here at Kas Metal Trading, we pride ourselves on consistently providing excellent customer service, which keeps our loyal customers coming back. But, don’t just take our word for it! See what our satisfied clients had to say…

Reliable Scrapyard

2. Make Enquiries About Pricing

Unfair pricing can lead to unnecessary disputes and unhappy customers. That’s why it’s very important to get in touch with your local scrap yard to inquire about their pricing, because the last thing anyone wants is for their scrap to be undervalued!

You won’t have to worry about that at Kas Metal Trading. Our trustworthy and reliable rates provide you with the ability to hedge against the risk of fluctuating world metal prices, as all of our scrap metal pricing is always based on the world centre for industrial metal trading – the London Metal Exchange (LME).

3. How Long Has the Scrapyard Been Trading?

During the search for a reliable scrap metal dealer, experience comes into play. Experience allows businesses to build up expertise, reputation and brand awareness. For a smooth scrap metal recycling process, finding a well-established trader is half the battle! 

We can help make the search for a reliable scrap yard easier for you. Our expert scrap metal merchants and specialist weighing operatives have been trading since 2008. With decades of combined industry experience between us, we’ve been consistently delivering exceptional scrap metal recycling services for 16 years.

4. Do They Prioritise Their Customers?

Customers should be at the forefront of every scrap metal dealer’s priorities. Not only should they receive fair pricing for their scrap, they should also be able to rely on their scrapyard to keep them and anything they bring onto the site with them safe.

Customers are at the heart of everything we do. At our local scrapyard, there are secure, dedicated areas to park your vehicle and unload your scrap metal – separate from all other vehicles on-site. But, it doesn’t stop there. For that guaranteed peace of mind, we provide a safe, well-maintained and clean waiting area for you to watch your scrap metal being weighed.

5. Are They Ahead of Modern Technology?

Some scrapyards are still living in the times of hand-written payment tickets and dirty unloading areas.

Not us! Here at Kas Metal Trading, you can rest assured that after the weigh-in of your scrap metal, you’ll receive a fully compliant (with waste regulations) payment ticket, detailing all information regarding weighing and grading. We can also guarantee some of the most accurate metal analysis on the market, thanks to our use of the latest industry technology.

Looking for a Reliable Scrapyard?

Looking for a reliable, local scrapyard to trade scrap metal with? Look no further!

Give us a call, email or visit any of our scrapyards across the North West today. Our expert scrap metal merchants provide exceptional service across Atherton, Leigh, Wigan, Tyldesley, Bolton, Worsley, Lancashire, Chorley and Salford

Interested in corporate scrap metal recycling? We are also experts in sourcing non-ferrous metals for global export. Our tailor-made solutions will be perfect for your metal supply and corporate metal recycling needs. Simply give us a call, email, or drop us a message online and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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