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Scrap copper grading and pricing. Copper is one of the most valuable metals when it comes to scrap and one of the key reasons behind its continuous high price is its infinite recyclable life; copper can be reused and repurposed over and over again without altering the quality – quite remarkable really

Copper is used across industries ranging from motor, technology through to agriculture and industrial, making it a material that is continually in high demand.

Grading – the different grades and how this affects pricing

A few factors come into play when pricing scrap copper, such as its grade and the copper content. We’ve put together this guide to give you an insight into the different grades and how these are valued.

Bright Copper (Copper Wire & New Copper Tube)

Bare bright copper, or sometimes known as “bright and shiny copper” is the most valuable type of scrap copper.  It’s name “bare” refers to the copper being uncoated, unalloyed and free from tarnishing, paint or other impurities – a quality that is sought after as it is easy to reuse or recycle.

Used Copper (Painted Copper Tube, Copper Tube with Fittings, Copper Tanks)

Used Copper is a scrap copper that has a dirty appearance.  This grade of copper generally consists of unalloyed wire, pipe or solid metal that has solder, paint and other coatings remaining.  Copper fittings with Brass fittings and oxidation are generally accepted as long as it is not excessive.

#1 Insulated Wire (Household Cable)

This category includes Domestic Copper Wiring and should be free of plugs and any other attachments.

#2 Insulated Wire (Low Grade or Armoured Cable)

This category consists of Industrial/Commercial cables which generally have a Steel Armour and are free of attachments.

Electric Motors

All forms of Motors are accepted. Domestic to Heavy Industrial. Motors should be free of attachments, unsealed and contain no oil or gases.

The price of copper changes daily and we base all our prices on the London Metal Exchange, guaranteeing our suppliers the best value.  To get the latest copper price, please call 01942 88 33 22.

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