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Our useful guide on the scrap metal items that we buy

The good news is that at Kas Metals, we buy all types of scrap metal at our site in Atherton. If you have scrap metal and live in Atherton, Wigan, Bolton, Tyldesley, Leigh or surrounding areas, you can find us easily in Prestwich Industrial Estate in Atherton.

Non-ferrous metals that we buy  

First, we will look at the non-ferrous items that we buy, this group of metals do not contain iron.  These metals tend to be worth a lot more than non-ferrous metals.

The non-ferrous scrap that we buy:

  • Copper – tube, pipe, wire
  • Brass – taps, fittings, ornaments
  • Aluminium – used aluminium, HE9, new production cuttings, car wheels, cast
  • Cables – household cable, data cable, singles, armoured
  • Lead – flashing, pipe
  • Stainless steel – sinks, utensils, commercial fittings, valves
  • Zinc – sheeting, diecast
  • Motors – standard electrical motors, starters and alternators, washing machine motors

The ferrous scrap metal that we buy:

Ferrous metals are any metals that contain iron.  Common ferrous metal items include gates, railings and radiators.  Though these items aren’t worth a great deal, they can still bring in some money and the amount you receive will be based on weight.  If you’re having a sort out and wanting to free up space in your shed, garden or garage and have any of the items listed below, it’s certainly worth paying us a visit. 

The ferrous scrap that we buy:

  • Washing machines
  • Tumble dryers
  • Combi-boilers
  • Radiators
  • Household appliances
  • Girder
  • Plate
  • Gates, doors, railings

Whilst we will take an extensive range of items, there are some items that we can’t.  As a general rule of thumb, if the item isn’t listed above, we probably won’t accept it.  Always best to get in touch if you’re not sure.

We pay same day for items weighed in before 4pm or the next day for items brought in after. 

The price of metals changes daily and we base all our prices on the London Metal Exchange, guaranteeing you the best value. 

Where to find us and opening times

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