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Bright copper is one of the most valuable metals when it comes to scrap and copper cabling contains bright copper wire.  If you are an electrician or if you have been rewiring your home and you have even a small amount of scrap copper cable, you could see yourself with some extra spends by having it weighed in at Kas Metal .

Our expert team have years of combined experience and we have put together a handy guide about scrap copper cable, including value and the different types of scrap copper cabling that we buy.

The types of scrap copper cable that we buy at Kas Metal

Kas Metal are experts in Copper Cable valuation. Some examples below of typical cables.

Household Cable
Household cable is typically non-armoured cable and is found Domestically. Cables must be free from plugs/attachments. To include : Twin & Earth Cable, Power tool cable, Kettle Leads, Computer Cables.

Low Grade/Armoured Cable
Low Grade/Armoured Cable is a triple layered copper cable, with an extra layer of steel.  As a general rule of thumb, armoured cable is bought in this grade. Cables should be free from any attachments.

Singles or High Grade Cables
Singles or ‘Colours’ cables are fairly easy to identify as they only have one layer of PVC sleeve and are around 5mm – 8mm thick.  This type of cabling are priced in their own grade and command good pricing when weighed in. Other high Grade cables will be graded by our team and priced accordingly.

Have scrap cable that is out of the ordinary?
Do you have some cable that is out of the ordinary? We will value it on site and pay the best price!

Payment, location and pricing

At Kas Metal, all cable brought in and weighed before 4pm is paid the same day!

Kas Metal scrap metal is located in Atherton and we service the local area too, including: Wigan, Leigh, Tyldesley and Bolton.

The price of copper cabling changes daily and we base all our prices on the London Metal Exchange, guaranteeing our suppliers the best value.  To get the latest copper cable price, please call 01942 88 33 22

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