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We’ve put together a useful guide on scrapping aluminium, including grades and the different types of scrap aluminium that we buy. With the best service and most competitive prices, you won’t want to go anywhere else! If you have scrap metal and live in Atherton, Wigan, Bolton, Tyldesley, Leigh or surrounding areas, you can find us easily in Prestwich Industrial Estate in Atherton.

All about Aluminium

Aluminium, or as it’s known on the periodic table, Al, is the most plentiful metallic element in Earth’s crust and the most widely used non-ferrous metal. 

Aluminium is non-magnetic and easily identified by its silvery-white appearance. Being a great conductor and non-corrosive, it’s a material that is extremely useful and versatile.  Much like copper, aluminium has an infinite life and can be recycled multiples time into completely different items, such as window frames, packaging and transport.

You don’t need to look far to find aluminium; from drinks cans to alloy wheels and cabling, aluminium is pretty much all around us. 

Scrap aluminium grades and how these affect pricing

As with copper, there are different grades of aluminium and the price of this metal when weighed in for scrap, will largely depend on which grade it belongs to.

A useful summary of just some of the different grades of scrap aluminium that we buy:

  • Clean HE9
  • Painted HE9
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Ali Cable
  • Old Rolled Aluminium
  • Aluminium cuts (new)

Grading scrap aluminium

We don’t expect our customers to be metal experts. There may be some aluminium or other metals that you have that you can’t identify. Here at Kas Metal, we have the technology to quickly and accurately grade aluminium and other scrap metals for you to ensure quality of service.

Kas Metal buy all grades of aluminium, from aluminium drinks cans to high grade aluminium extrusion.  Our experienced team will grade and pay you the best price every time.

The price of aluminium  changes daily and we base all our prices on the London Metal Exchange, guaranteeing our suppliers the best value. 

To get the latest aluminium price, please call 01942 88 33 22. Find us

Scrap metal in Wigan, Leigh, Tyldesley and Bolton

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