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While often not one of the first scrap metals which may commonly spring to mind, zinc is a great choice for industrial applications which require corrosion-resistant metals. Thanks to its protective layer when in contact with oxygen or moisture, zinc is often used to galvanise other metals such as iron or steel to enhance their corrosion-resistant properties. Also extremely useful for the conduction of electricity, zinc may be found in batteries and other conductive applications. 

Here at KAS Metal Trading, we’re a friendly team of scrap metal recycling professionals with over three decades of experience recycling all kinds of metals, including zinc. We both source and sell the highest-quality scrap zinc from across the UK, readying it for processing. Visit our Atherton scrap yard to begin weighing-in your scrap metal with KAS today!

Scrap Zinc Recycling Specialists

There are a number of benefits to recycling your scrap zinc, including but not limited to: conserving zinc resources and therefore reducing environmental impact and cost-effectiveness as it’s easier to recycle zinc rather than extracting it from its primary resources. Zinc is actually known to be one of the strongest non-ferrous metals, alongside aluminium, and is also a vital biological element in human growth and development. 

Zinc can not only be used on its own, but also in combination with other ferrous and non-ferrous metals to create alloys such as brass or nickel for example. With such a wide range of uses, it’s no surprise that zinc is always in demand and is abundantly recycled.

Scrap Zinc Recycling

Zinc Scrap Price

Like most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, the price of zinc changes on a daily basis and is impacted by a number of environmental and economic factors day-to-day. As is common in the recycling industry, the higher the demand for scrap zinc, the steeper the price. When planning on recycling your scrap zinc, it’s important to find a knowledgeable scrap metal merchant who understands the market comprehensively, ensuring you’ll always be receiving the best possible prices. 

All our scrap zinc pricing is aligned with the London Metal Exchange, a third-party governing body for the global metal market. As a result, we keep up to date with the variable prices and can confidently reflect this when buying or selling scrap zinc and other important scrap metals.

We can guarantee…

✔️ A seamless service

✔️ Competitive and fair prices

✔️ Trusted metal analysis processes

✔️ A team of dedicated professionals

✔️ Quick payments with a range of payment options

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We’ve spent years honing our weigh-in and metal analysis systems to ensure they are as efficient as possible. This means no extensive wait times to get paid for your scrap zinc, with various payment options available. Get in touch using the form below if you’ve got scrap zinc to sell!

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