Making Iron Recycling Easy!

Known as one of the world’s most recycled scrap metals, iron is a ferrous material with extremely magnetic properties, often used to create other useful metal alloys such as steel. The recycling of iron is a huge part of the scrap metal recycling industry in the 21st century, due to its low manufacturing cost and high strength when produced. There are numerous types of iron scrap which we come across on a daily basis, including: cast iron, heavy-duty iron, low-duty iron, wrought iron and so on. 

Here at Kas Metals, we are a friendly and efficient team of scrap metal recycling professionals with over 30 years of experience recycling scrap iron. We source and sell the best-quality scrap iron from across the UK, ready for processing. Visit our scrap yard to begin weighing-in your scrap metal today.

Scrap Iron Recycling Specialists

Did you know that iron is one of the most abundant metals on our planet, and the chemical symbol ‘Fe’ comes from Latin, meaning ‘ferrum’? Due to its versatile properties, we see scrap iron in all sorts of shapes and sizes, which has been used in a wide variety of commercial and domestic applications. This includes, but is not limited to: automotive parts, household appliances and white goods, construction materials, industrial equipment, machinery, garden furniture, fencing and much more! Compared with non-ferrous metals, iron is unique in its magnetic properties, making it easier to separate from other recyclable metals which are traded in at our scrap yard.


Iron Scrap Price

The price of iron and cast iron per kg can change daily, and is influenced by a number of environmental and economic factors. As with many different scrap metals, whether it be copper, brass, aluminium and so on, the higher the demand for scrap iron, the higher the price. If you’ve got plans to sell your scrap iron, you must source a knowledgeable merchant who knows the scrap metal market inside and out, ensuring you’ll always be receiving the best possible prices. 

At KAS Metal, all of our scrap iron pricing is based on the London Metal Exchange, a third-party governing body for the metal market. In doing so, we keep up to date with the variable prices and can reflect this when selling or buying iron scrap ourselves.

We can guarantee…

✔️ A seamless service

✔️ Competitive and fair prices

✔️ Trusted metal analysis processes

✔️ A team of dedicated professionals

✔️ Quick payments with a range of payment options

Forklift truck holding copper tubes and pipes

Sell Your Scrap Iron With Ease

Thanks to over 30 years in the industry, we’ve perfected our weigh-in and metal analysis systems to make them as efficient as possible. This means no more long wait times to get paid for your scrap iron, with various payment options on offer. If you have iron to sell, get in touch with our experts below.

Our iron recycling centre is based in Atherton, meaning we are able to help the public and businesses recycle lead across the Lancashire area. We cover the following areas: Wigan, Bolton, Chorley, Manchester, Salford, Preston, Leigh, Tyldesley and Westhoughton.

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