White Goods Recycling Made Simple

From fridge freezers to washing machines, dishwashers to tumble dryers, you’ll find white goods in almost every UK household and business. It’s estimated that around 14 million units of white goods are sold in the UK every year. In most cases, we’re replacing our faulty domestic appliances, producing millions of tonnes of electrical waste every single year. But what should you do with your faulty appliances when they’re no longer of use to you? Recycle them.

Here at Kas Metals, we’re experts when it comes to scrap white goods. We’re a friendly and efficient team of scrap metal recycling professionals with over 30 years of experience recycling electrical waste. Don’t send your scrap white goods to landfill – recycle them with us!

Why You Should Recycle Your White Goods

Despite them being full of useful metals that could be easily repurposed, only a third of waste electronic goods are actually recycled in the UK, leading to large amounts of unesseccary waste being sent to landfilll. Instead of throwing away your old fridge freezer or oven, you should instead look to recycle it  – here’s why scrapping your old appliances at Kas Metals makes sense:

White Goods Scrapping Centre

Good for Your Pocket

Did you know that recycling white goods could put some money in your pocket? Turn your unwanted domestic appliances into cash – and we’ll turn them into something new by safely recycling them!

Good for the Environment

When you send your white goods to landfill, you’re sending lots of useful metals like aluminium, iron, steel and copper to corrode and waste away, when they could easily be recycled into brand-new electrical components, reducing the environmental impact of new appliances.

White Goods Recycling Specialists

Trust Kas Metals to safely recycle your white goods, no matter how big or how small. From fridge freezer disposal, to recycling old washing machines, discarding your unwanted appliances couldn’t be easier.

For over 30 years, we’ve been refining our recycling processes to make scrap metal disposal as straightforward as possible. We accurately weigh and grade all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals to offer you the most competitive prices, which are based on the London Metal Exchange which ensures you the most accurate and up-to-date pricing on the market.

From our yard in Atherton, we offer scrap metal services to customers across Lancashire and Greater Manchester, including Preston, Bolton, Wigan, Salford and more.

White Goods We Accept Include

✔️ Washing Machines

✔️ Dishwashers

✔️ Fridges and Fridge Freezers

✔️ Ovens

✔️ Dryers

Forklift truck holding copper tubes and pipes

Recycle Your Old White Goods with Kas

If you want to turn your unwanted appliances into cash, why not bring them to us? Our friendly team of experts will make the whole process a breeze and answer any queries you might have. Weigh-in your scrap metals before 4 pm to receive your payment the same-day, guaranteed!

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