Eight Tradespeople That Need A Local Scrapyard

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Friendly and efficient local scrapyard services for mechanics in Atherton and surrounding areas

There are many benefits to scrap metal recycling for tradespeople, which is why we’ve put together this quick and easy guide focusing on eight trades that need a local scrapyard. Read on to discover the types of tradespeople and scrap metals that could benefit from a local scrapyard.


For builders, scrap metals are an integral part of the job. To make a positive contribution to the environment, scrap metal recycling at our local scrap metal yard is the best option. 

Ferrous metals, such as cast iron and wrought iron, alongside carbon steel and stainless steel, are widely used in the construction industry and are known to be some of the more valuable and accessible scrap metals found in the building trade. For instance, carbon steel is commonly used for beams, columns and tubing.


Plumbers deal with a wide variety of materials over the course of their day, with metals accounting for a large proportion of this. To avoid any leftovers taking up unnecessary space, weighing in your scrap metals is the way to go.

Copper is commonly used in the plumbing industry, as it is a very ductile material, ideal for bending pipes without fracturing them. Lead is another widely used metal amongst plumbers, due to its high malleability, making it easy to bend into shape without causing any damage. Copper and lead are both non-ferrous metals, most often found in high-value fixtures and fittings at older properties, including pipes, taps and valves.


Roofers make use of many different metals within their trade. A good way for roofers to turn their valuable materials into cash is by weighing them in at our local scrapyard. We offer same-day payments if your scrap metal is brought to us before 4 pm – allowing you to return to the rest of your roofing projects, while carrying less weight, as soon as possible.

Commonly found in roofing, aluminium helps to reduce stress on the framework of the building, as it is one of the lighter metals available on the market. Another material widely used in the roofing trade is stainless steel. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable and highly durable, making it ideal for not only the sustainability of your roof, but also longevity.


Wires, cables and sockets all have one thing in common. Metals are fundamental to their existence. The installation of these electrical goods is a day-to-day task for electricians. Electricians can help their pocket, as well as their local economy, by recycling their scrap metals for cash, which creates more jobs at much-needed waste facilities.  

Copper is the most commonly used metal within the electrical trade, due to its reliability, high conductivity and malleability. In fact, the electrical industry’s global usage of copper amounts to 65%. Copper is widely used for wiring and circuit boards, making it vital for both local and corporate projects.


One of the biggest trades that benefits from a wide variety of metals is welding. Our dedicated scrap metal merchants, with years of combined experience, can help welders make the most out of their scrap metals.

The metals used within the welding trade vary depending on the project, but some of the most common types include: stainless steel, carbon steel and low-carbon mild steel. Steel is widely used across the welding industry, due to its high ductility, which makes it easy to weld into shape without causing damage to the metal.


Whether it’s fitting locks, doors, or any kind of furniture, carpentry involves a vast array of different metals. Metal fasteners, screws and nails are very often used within the trade. This results in a high supply of various metals among carpenters. To get the most out of these raw materials, our trade scrap metal recycling services are the best solution.

Whilst iron is the most commonly used metal in the carpentry industry, another very popular metal within the trade is steel – an alloy of iron and carbon. Steel is lightweight and highly resistant, making it the ideal material for structural carpentry.

Construction Contractors

Construction contractors come into contact with various metals throughout their day. The best way for them to consistently ensure they receive optimum value for their construction scrap metal is through our friendly, local scrapyard. This is because our trustworthy pricing is based on the London Metal Exchange (LME).

Construction is a versatile industry that deals with several metals. Aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass and mild steel are all commonly used within the trade. These metals are used for a wide selection of purposes. This could include: beams for structural frameworks, plates for highway construction, sheeting for commercial building walls/roofs and structural steelwork for bridges.


Naturally, mechanics consistently deal with a variety of scrap vehicle metals each day, as they replace them with new parts. To save money on unnecessary costs, the ideal solution for a mechanic is to reduce their energy use by recycling their scrap metals.

Aluminium, steel, copper and lead are the top contenders used by mechanics. These metals are commonly used for vehicle chassis, engines, gearboxes, alloy wheels, catalytic converters and exhaust pipes.

Why Choose Us For Your Trade Scrap Metal?

We’ve been providing tradespeople from several sectors with brilliant service for well over a decade! Thanks to our no-fuss procedure, we make sure that weighing-in your scrap metal is a quick and straightforward process. You’ll be guaranteed the very best scrap metal prices, in addition to a safe and tidy yard to unload in.

We Can Guarantee…

  • A reliable service
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  • Expert metal analysis
  • An efficient and friendly team
  • Quick payments with various payment methods

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