How Tradespeople Can Benefit From Scrap Metal Recycling

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Friendly and efficient scrap metal services for mechanics in Atherton and surrounding areas

Are you a tradesperson considering scrap metal recycling? Read on to discover the many benefits of recycling your scrap metals in our safe and tidy local scrap yard.

Help The Environment, As Well As Yourself

One of the many benefits of scrap metal recycling, is the positive impact the process has on the environment. An inevitable part of being a tradesperson is having to work with several ferrous and non-ferrous metals, on a day-to-day basis. Once a job is finished, any excess metals can become obsolete. This is where we come in. We pride ourselves on our eco-friendly approach, helping you recycle your scrap metal, in order to reduce pollution and landfill waste, as well as protect habitats and raw materials.

Save Money On Unnecessary Costs

Roofers, electricians and plumbers all come into contact with a wide variety of scrap metals each day. That’s why it’s important to reduce waste, but also cost, of materials within their trade. Production costs within trade can be significantly reduced through scrap metal recycling, as it is much more affordable to use existing scrap metal than to produce new metal from raw materials. This spend can then be turned into collection costs, not only benefiting the environment, but also benefiting your company’s pocket. Here at KAS Metal Trading, we guarantee you SAME DAY payments when you ‘weigh-it-in’ with us before 4pm.

Help The Economy By Creating Jobs

As the recycling industry grows, the concern for the environment grows with it. Scrap metal recycling ensures that your company meets new industry standards. Not only does this support the ecosystem, it also supports the economy. Your eco-friendly habit creates more jobs for those working at waste facilities within the recycling industry – protecting both the world around us, as well as the people in it. Our dedicated scrap metal merchants, with years of combined experience, can help you make the most of your scrap metals.

Get The Best Use Out Of Raw Materials

Creating new metals from raw materials not only costs you more, but it is also unnecessary in most cases. Metal is one of the very few raw materials that can easily be recycled without damaging its original properties. Even for more valuable metals, such as aluminium, the scrap metal recycling process can be repeated as many times as necessary. For common trade materials, such as steel, lead and copper, recycling is always a good option, as the demand for these metals is higher than their supply rate. This means the value of these metals is not likely to decrease. Come and visit our local scrap metal yard to get the best use out of your raw materials today.

Reduce Energy Use

The creation process of virgin metal materials is lengthy, costly and overall, unnecessary. Rather than mining, processing, shaping and treating – recycling raw metal materials uses much less time, energy and money, as well as being much less environmentally damaging. To weigh-in and grade your scrap metals safely, efficiently and for the best price, our trade scrap metal recycling services offer a compliant and professional solution to suit you.

Scrap Metal Recycling For Tradespeople

Why Choose Us For Your Trade Scrap Metal?

We’ve been providing tradespeople from several sectors with brilliant service for well over a decade! Thanks to our no-fuss procedure, we make sure that weighing-in your scrap metal is a quick and straightforward process. You’ll be guaranteed the very best scrap metal prices, in addition to a safe and tidy yard to unload in.

We Can Guarantee…

  • A reliable service
  • Fair pricing according to LME
  • Expert metal analysis
  • An efficient and friendly team
  • Quick payments with various payment methods

Are You A Tradesperson Looking For A Great Scrap Yard?

Our friendly and knowledgeable team are always here to answer any questions you may have about our scrap metal recycling services. Why not explore our Frequently Asked Questions page below to discover more about why we should be your chosen scrap metal merchants?

Give us a call, email or visit our scrap yard today! We work in scrap yards across Atherton, Leigh, Wigan, Tyldesley, Bolton, Worsley, Lancashire, Chorley and Salford. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with company and industry news.

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