MYTHICAL METALS – Misconceptions of scrapping metal

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Have you ever thought about scrapping metal but have been put off by negative comments? Maybe you have preconceptions of what you imagine a scrap yard to like that make it seem unappealing? Our article discusses some of the most common myths and misconceptions surrounding scrapping metal. We’ll take a look at some mythical metal facts and separate them from the fiction.

It’s too dangerous to recycle scrap metal

Many people have ideas that scrap yards are dirty, dangerous places that are unsafe for people to visit. Here at KAS, we offer a well-maintained and clean unloading area. We ensure vehicle and customer safety when visiting our site. Our large, dedicated trade scrap yard enables visitors to unload and segregate their material, while remaining separate from all other vehicles. We even offer a safe waiting area where visitors can watch their materials being weighed from a safe distance, before receiving a weighing ticket and payment.

You can strip copper wire by burning it

Copper is one of the best metals to weigh in to make money. The wiring in electrical appliances is a great place to look for copper, but how do you get the copper out of the insulation? Some advice would have you believe that using a naked flame to melt the coating off the wire is the best option. But burning the copper may mark or damage it, meaning it would have a lower selling price when you come to weigh it in. Melting the coating around the wire also releases dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere. You definitely don’t want to be breathing them in. If you have smaller amounts of wire to weigh in, the best option is to purchase a simple hand held wire stripper to quickly and easily remove the coating.

It’s better to put scrap metal into landfill and use new materials

This myth couldn’t be further from the truth. Putting waste of any kind into landfill isn’t sustainable long term or any good for the planet. Mining for new materials costs money and man power. It’s also unnecessary when we have a plethora of metals readily available. They just need recycling to be given a new lease of life! Certain metals such as copper, aluminium and steel can all be melted down and reused multiple times without ever losing their properties. It doesn’t get more sustainable than that! Why would you mine for new when you can reuse what’s on your doorstep? For more detailed information, visit our blog post on how scrapping metal contributes positively to the environment.

Rusted or squashed metal can’t be recycled

When metal gets recycled, it is shredded, melted down and reformed into a new shape. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what shape it’s in when you bring it to a scrap yard. The squashed metal will be weighed and you’ll be paid the same price as you would be for a solid sheet of metal of the same weight. Rust can be removed in the recycling and smelting process. However, if it is severe, it might make that more difficult. If the rust is mild, you can have a go at removing it yourself using wire wool, lemon juice or baking soda. Keep in mind that rusted metal will weigh less than metal in good condition and so will be worth less money.

Scrap yards only want huge pieces of metal

If you have a lot of smaller pieces of metal, such as nuts and bolts, then weigh them in together. As mentioned in the last point, when scrap is recycled, it’s all melted down together with other objects of the same material. Size doesn’t matter, just as what shape it’s in doesn’t either. The money you can get from them can add more up if you collect smaller items of scrap over time.

Scrap yards don’t pay fair prices

KAS Metal is known for our competitive and fair pricing. Our pricing is based on the London Metal Exchange, guaranteeing our suppliers the best value.  Metal prices fluctuate depending on worldwide markets. We ensure that the prices that we pay are up-to-date and in line with the best available rates. We offer a visible weighing process and computer generated document for complete transparency. Customers can watch their materials being weighed, before they receive a weigh ticket and payment.

Visit our handy web form that allows you to register your details to set up an account with us! When you come to weigh in your scrap, you’ll need to bring either a PHOTO DRIVING LICENCE or A PASSPORT WITH PROOF OF ADDRESS (UTILITY OR BANK STATEMENT) with you to instantly complete set up when you arrive. You will then be able to weigh in your scrap on the same day!

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