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Scrapping brass in Wigan, Atherton, Leigh, Bolton and Tyldesley. This post looks at the different types of scrap brass that we buy.

All about Brass

This post looks at the different types of scrap brass that we buy. Brass is a copper alloy, usually combined with zinc although sometimes other metals are combined with copper to make brass.

This metal is non-magnetic metal and is easily identified by its shiny gold appearance. Being a great conductor and non-corrosive, it’s a material that is extremely useful and versatile.  Much like copper, brass has an infinite life and can be recycled multiples times without losing any of its properties.

Here is a fun fact about brass: if you stretched the tubing of a trumpet, it would reach about six and a half feet and the tubing of a trombone would reach about nine feet!

Due to having good heat and electrical conductivity, being fairly resistant to corrosionand its attractive appearance, brass is fairly common metal used to make a whole host of common items, including: locks, doorknobs, valves, musical instruments, decorative ornaments and plumbing fixtures.

Where to find brass

As mentioned, brass is a brilliantly versatile material and you probably own more brass items than you think!  Here are some brass items that you may own that can be sold to us for scrap:

  • Plumbing items: taps, piping, valves
  • Door locks, letterboxes, handles and door knockers
  • Decorative ornaments, plaques, chalices, pots/planters, bells
  • Door knockers
  • Bed frames
  • Light fittings, lamps
  • Musical instruments

Grading brass

We don’t expect our customers to be metal experts and there may be some  metals that you have that you can’t identify. Here at Kas Metal, we have the technology to quickly and accurately grade brass and other metals for you to ensure quality of service. How to get in touch

Take a read of this useful guide about how to find out what metal you have.

Kas Metal buy all types of brass, including mixed brass, rod brass and gunmetal.

The price of brass changes daily and we base all our prices on the London Metal Exchange, guaranteeing our suppliers the best value. 

To get the latest brass price, please call 01942 88 33 22.

Scrap metal in Wigan, Leigh, Tyldesley and Bolton

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