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The benefits of selling scrap metal

Many of our customers tell us that they didn’t realise that their scrap metal would be worth so much.  Scrapping metal can make for a nice pay day if the quantity and the metal type is right.  Having a good sort out of your van, yard, shed, garage or garden may yield some items that you have no use or space for, but may earn you some extra spends just for taking the time to weigh-it-in with us.  This handy guide talks through how to make money by scrapping metal.

What scrap metal you can bring us

It may also earn you some serious bonus points if the people you live with are desperate for more storage and you’ve got a few weeks, months or even years worth of scrap taking up valuable space.

As well as the money that weighing in scrap metal can earn you, it’s also a great way to protect the environment as metals are a resource that don’t diminish over time and so can be recycled and reused over and over.

So, we’ve covered making you money, earning you extra bonus points and helping to save the environment – now that’s not bad for taking a little time to gather what scrap metal you have and paying us a visit.

Let’s cover the question you may have about what scrap metal can earn a decent return and how you get paid. 

What scrap metal is the most valuable?

The value of all metals fluctuates and this is affected by worldwide markets.  We base all our prices on the London Metal Exchange, guaranteeing you the best value. 

Even in a marketplace where prices go up as well as down, copper is a great metal to sell and can yield a decent amount depending on grade and weight. 

Understanding the different grades of copper is really useful if you plan on taking scrapping seriously.  We have created a useful guide on copper grades and their value, take a read here.

Steel, lead, aluminium and brass are also great metals to weigh in and like copper, depending on a few key factors, can mean for a fairly decent payout.  Again, value will depend on grade, weight and condition. 

For an accurate idea on what you may get for your scrap, you can telephone the yard on 01942 88 33 22.

How to identify what scrap metal you have

How we pay for your scrap metal

You don’t need to be a scrap trader to sell to us, we buy scrap metal from everyone.  We are proud to offer a range of payment options. We’re firm believers that a one-size-model does not fit all, so why should you be limited on how you get paid?  We offer payment via bank transfer, cheque or prepaid card.  The best part isn’t even in the payment options that we offer; all metal weighed in before 4pm is paid the SAME day!

To set up an account with us could not be easier.  Simply bring photo ID and proof of address and you can weigh-in straight away!

How to find us and opening times

Kas Metal is located in Atherton, just off the A577. Kas Metal is easily accessible for those scrapping metal in Wigan, Bolton, Leigh, Manchester and surrounding areas.

Address: Unit J, Coal Pit Ln, Atherton, Manchester M46 0RY

Quick link to Google Maps:

You can reach us on: tel: 01942 88 33 22. If you live in Atherton, Wigan, Leigh, Manchester and have scrap metal to sell, come pay us a visit, we are open Monday – Wednesday 8.00 – 4.30pm and Thursday – Friday, 8.00 – 5.30pm

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